About Hlg


In 2016 Johnson Grow Lights and Northern Grow Lights merged together and founded Horticulture Lighting Group. With the combined expertise and experience HLG designed the first high-density modular light engine for horticulture called the Quantum Board.The secret to the massive success is sourcing only the very best components and then assembling to an extremely high standard. 

For their QB288 V2 boards they took the Samsung lm301b diode one of the most efficient white diodes known to man. Then they selected the highest possible flux bin and lowest possible voltage bin, so they had the best of the best of the best then they expertly attach 288 of these to a single high quality PCB. This results in unparalleled levels of efficacy. 

Since its launch, Quantum Boards have created a new revolution in the horticulture lighting industry by not only improving the efficiency standard of white light in horticulture but also by making efficiency affordable.